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Flow Measurement, Sensor, and Control Products for Aerospace and Defense Applications

Flow Measurement for the Aerospace and Defense Markets

In the aerospace industry, measuring the flow of liquids and gases used on board aircraft or in component test stands demands superior flow measurement performance. From measuring the fuel consumption of rotary and fixed wing aircraft, missiles and torpedoes, to evaluating the performance of hydraulic fluid and lubricants, aerospace applications present difficult flow metering challenges.

The Right Flow Measurement Solution

Whether monitoring fuel, coolant, lubrication, environmental or hydraulic systems on board or in a test cell, Flow Technology has an answer for most applications concerning flow measurement for aerospace customers. Our turbine technology offers the advantage of high resolution for leak detection capabilities and high dynamic response for near real-time data collection. Couple this with some of the best performance available in a flow measurement sensor housed in a compact package, and the choice is obvious for many demanding applications. Our ultrasonic technology offers the advantage of a non-intrusive solution which can be installed in a matter of minutes and provide extended periods of maintenance-free performance.


Application Notes