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Turbine Flowmeter
Amplifier Link

Turbine flow meter Amplifier Link combines a pickoff and signal conditioner.

The Amplifier Link, which is compatible with most manufacturers turbine flowmeters, combines a pickoff with a signal conditioner in one compact, low-weight design. It produces a 0.5 VDC pulse output which can be transmitted over long distances. Either magnetic or modulated carrier (RF) electronics are factory selectable.

Quick Specs

  • Combines pickoff and signal conditioner in one compact design
  • Mounts directly to flowmeter for reduced system size and weight
  • Operates from 8 to 30 VDC power
  • 5-volt pulse output frequencies proportional to flow rate
  • Compatible with other manufacturers turbine flowmeters
  • RF version enhances low flow performance
  • CE EMI approved
  • Intrinsically-safe

Technical Data