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Flow Meter Technical Manuals

Each of the following links will display a floweter technical manual in PDF format. The flowmeter technical manuals require registration before accessing the PDF file.

Electromagnetic Meters & Electronics Turbine Meters & Electronics
Mag Flowmeters Turbine Flowmeters
Quick Setup Guide (for EL500, EL2200, EL2400, EL4000) FT Series: Process as well as test & measurement applications
EL 500 Series: Low flow & small line sizes FTO Series: Low flow applications
EL 2200 Series: Industrial process applications HS Series: High shock load applications
EL 2400 Series: Sanitary applications SA Series: Sanitary applications
EL 4000 Series: Specialty applications UP01: Uniprobe Flow/No flow switch (obsolete)
  Turbo-Probe (obsolete)
Mag Electronics HR Series: High Resolution OEM only
MC 308: Transmitter (obsolete) AT Series: OEM only
MC 608A: Transmitter  
MC 608B: Battery powered Transmitter Turbine Amplifiers
MC 106: Transmitter Amplifier Link
  CA03: Signal Conditioner
Positive Displacement Meters & Electronics PA03: Signal Conditioner
CA51: Signal Conditioner (obsolete)
PD Flowmeters PA51: Signal Conditioner (obsolete)
DC-I Series: Industrial process market RC51, RC52 & RC53: Signal Conditioners (obsolete)
DC-E Series: Limited version of the DC-I series – economical option  
DC-F Series: Sanitary applications Turbine Transmitters
HP-I Series: Operating pressures up to 3,000 PSI TWA: Two-Wire Analog Transmitter
BL Series: Operating pressures up to 10,000 PSI Linear Link (LA version)
Tricklemeter: Low flow rates, 0.005 to 0.5 GPM Linear Link Quick Reference (LN version)
Linear Link (LN version) replaced May 2012 with LA version
PD Pickoffs Linear Link TCI (LAT version)
IS160-01: Hall Effect Sensor Linear Link TCI Quick Reference (LNT version)
3000 Series: Magnetic Pickups Linear Link TCI (LNT version) replaced January 2012 with LAT version
EO: Electro-Optic Encoder and Cable SIL: Smart Integral Transmitter (obsolete)
SRP Series: Surface Reference Pickoff  
Turbine Displays & Flow Computers
PD Transmitters BR3000: Battery Powered Rate/Totalizer
TWA: Two-Wire Analog Transmitter FC4000: Net Flow Indicator
FC70A – obsolete
PD Displays & Flow Computers FC70A Linearizer version - obsolete
BR3000: Battery Powered Rate/Totalizer MR1000: Mini Rate/Totalizer
MR1000: Mini Rate/Totalizer MB1000: Mini Batch Controller
MB1000: Mini Batch Controller SL9000: Flow Computer
SL9000: Flow Computer SL9100: Flow Computer
SL9100: Flow Computer SL9200: Flow Computer
SL9200: Flow Computer UD: Battery Powered Universal Display
PRI: Rate Indicator (obsolete) UD5: DC Powered Universal Display
Ultrasonic Meters & Electronics  
Ultrasonic Flowmeters  
SLF-500: Larger industrial piping up to 12 inches  
SLF-200: 1 to 6 inch line sizes  
SLF-100: 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch PFA tubing  
MicroLF-100: Low flows in 3 and 6 mm tubing sizes