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Flow Meter Technical Manuals

Each of the following links will display a floweter technical manual in PDF format. The flowmeter technical manuals require registration before accessing the PDF file.

Electromagnetic Meters & Electronics Turbine Meters & Electronics
Mag Flowmeters Turbine Flowmeters
Quick Setup Guide (for EL500, EL2200, EL2400, EL4000) FT Series: Process as well as test & measurement applications
EL 500 Series: Low flow & small line sizes FTO Series: Low flow applications
EL 2200 Series: Industrial process applications HS Series: High shock load applications
EL 2400 Series: Sanitary applications SA Series: Sanitary applications
EL 4000 Series: Specialty applications UP01: Uniprobe Flow/No flow switch (obsolete)
  Turbo-Probe (obsolete)
Mag Electronics HR Series: High Resolution OEM only
MC 308: Transmitter (obsolete) AT Series: OEM only
MC 608A: Transmitter  
MC 608B: Battery powered Transmitter Turbine Amplifiers
MC 106: Transmitter Amplifier Link
  CA03: Signal Conditioner (obsolete)
Positive Displacement Meters & Electronics PA03: Signal Conditioner (obsolete)
CA04: Signal Conditioner
PD Flowmeters PA04: Signal Conditioner
DC-I Series: Industrial process market CA51: Signal Conditioner (obsolete)
DC-E Series: Limited version of the DC-I series – economical option PA51: Signal Conditioner (obsolete)
DC-F Series: Sanitary applications RC51, RC52 & RC53: Signal Conditioners (obsolete)
HP-I Series: Operating pressures up to 3,000 PSI  
BL Series: Operating pressures up to 10,000 PSI  
Tricklemeter: Low flow rates, 0.005 to 0.5 GPM Turbine Transmitters
TWA: Two-Wire Analog Transmitter
PD Pickoffs Linear Link (LA version)
IS160-01: Hall Effect Sensor Linear Link Quick Reference (LN version)
3000 Series: Magnetic Pickups Linear Link (LN version) replaced May 2012 with LA version
EO: Electro-Optic Encoder and Cable Linear Link TCI (LAT version)
SRP Series: Surface Reference Pickoff Linear Link TCI Quick Reference (LNT version)
Linear Link TCI (LNT version) replaced January 2012 with LAT version
PD Transmitters SIL: Smart Integral Transmitter (obsolete)
TWA: Two-Wire Analog Transmitter  
Turbine Displays & Flow Computers
PD Displays & Flow Computers BR3000: Battery Powered Rate/Totalizer
BR3000: Battery Powered Rate/Totalizer FC4000: Net Flow Indicator
MR1000: Mini Rate/Totalizer FC70A (obsolete)
MB1000: Mini Batch Controller FC70A Linearizer version (obsolete)
SL9000: Flow Computer MR1000: Mini Rate/Totalizer
SL9100: Flow Computer MB1000: Mini Batch Controller
SL9200: Flow Computer SL9000: Flow Computer
PRI: Rate Indicator (obsolete) SL9100: Flow Computer
SL9200: Flow Computer
Ultrasonic Meters & Electronics UD: Battery Powered Universal Display
UD5: DC Powered Universal Display
Ultrasonic Flowmeters  
SLF-500: Larger industrial piping up to 12 inches  
SLF-200: 1 to 6 inch line sizes  
SLF-100: 3/8, 1/2 and 3/4 inch PFA tubing  
MicroLF-100: Low flows in 3 and 6 mm tubing sizes