Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update

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At Flow Technology we are deeply committed to our valued customers because you are the reason that we are in business today.  Every day we strive to provide you the products and services that you require to enable your business to flourish.

We are accustomed to navigating our way through complex problems and unpredictable situations, and the Coronavirus over the coming months will, without doubt, present us with some challenges.  Some of these we can control and some events we will only be able to respond to.  Through good upfront planning and risk mitigation efforts, we will minimize the impact on our respective businesses.

Our #1 goal is to limit the impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on FTI employees, our suppliers and our operations, ensuring the continuation of supply to our valued customers.  We have contingency plans in place that will be progressively executed as local and worldwide conditions dictate in this fast-changing and uncertain environment.

Current Impact on Continued Operations:  Minor Disruption

  • Remote working in place for some employees
  • Operations remain unaffected
  • Contract numbers remain unchanged

Last updated 3/24/2020. Flow Technology will update this WebPage as conditions change.

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