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During the research and development (R&D) process for new vehicles, specifically work involving drivetrain and auxiliary components, one parameter of particular importance is fluid flow. For engine R&D programs, typical measurements include: coolant flow for heat balance studies, oil flow to ensure proper lubrication, fuel and intake air flow to optimize the efficiency of the engine, and exhaust gas flow to ensure the engine and catalytic converter system complies with clean air guidelines.

In addition, two parameters vital to the longevity and operation of transmissions and power steering systems are the flow of lubrication/hydraulic fluid and the temperature of the fluid. In order to optimize the efficiency of climate control equipment, flows of coolant and refrigerant also need to be measured.

Flow meter for engine coolant measurement


The custom-designed state-of-the-art EL 4000 electromagnetic flow meter is specifically for the measurement of engine coolant flow, including on-board measurement. The small footprint, lightweight device is ideal for automotive applications where accuracy, no moving parts and low (zero) pressure drop are essential requirements in this demanding environment.

Linear Link TCI for viscosity compensation


Engineers performing these and other flow measurements critical to the development of future vehicles rely on precision turbine flow meters and advanced flow electronics from Flow Technology. When utilizing an FT Series turbine meter with the advanced Linear Link flow linearization system, accuracy of 0.2% of reading over a flow range of up to 100:1 can be achieved. The system also provides speed of response up to 7.5mS

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