Obsolete Products

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Each of the following links will display a Specification Sheet or Installation & Maintenance Manual in PDF format. The Installation & Maintenance Manuals require registration before accessing the PDF file.

These products are no longer available. The relevant documentation is available for reference purposes only.


Secondary flow transfer system calibrator

Gecko Secondary Flow Transfer System


Fuel flow measurement of #2 disel fuel for diesel engines

FuelCom System and FC900 Transmitter

FC-201/301 Fuel Flow Computers

Electronics and

FuelCom Portable System

FC-4000 Net Rate/Totalizer

Fusion Fuel Accountability System

Marine fuel accountability and management system

Specification Sheet

FUSION Hardware Technical Manual

FUSION Software Technical Manual

Positive Displacement Flowmeters

All plastic pd flow meter

AP-I Series All Plastic Flowmeter

Positive Displacement Flowmeter Electronics

PD flowmeter electronics

SP2041 Two-Wire Frequency-to-Analog Transmitter

OCI 506A Signal Conditioner

NEMA Enclosures for Positive Displacement Flowmeters

EP4200 Electronic Flow Prover

SX1000 Two-Wire Transmitter

Turbine Flowmeters

Turbine flow meters

Optiflo Economical Flowmeters

UGF20 Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

Turbo Probe Insertion Flowmeter

UP01 Uniprobe Flow/No Flow Switch

Installation & Maintenance Manual
(registration required)

Turbine Flowmeter Electronics

Turbine flow meter electronics

CA03 & PA03 Signal Conditioners

FC70A Series Flow Computer/Batch Controller

Series 50 Rate Converters

SFT Smart Flow Transmitter

UD Universal Display Flow Indicator

EDT–400 Flow Rate Totalizer

PA51/CA51 Pulse Amplifier and Carrier Amplifier

Series 50 Rate Indicators/Totalizers

SIL Smart Integral Linearizer

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Electronics

Electromagnetic flow meter electronics

MC 106 Magnetic Flow Transmitter

MC 308C Magnetic Flow Transmitter

Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters

View of gas processing plant

Micro LF-100 Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeter

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