Industrial Flow Metering Solutions – Sealants / Adhesives

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In the sealants and adhesives market, it is not uncommon for processes to employ little or no automation. This situation frequently results in inconsistent product quality.

OEMs faced with measuring the flow of high viscosity fluids in sealant and adhesive blending applications can achieve improved performance thanks to the simple and accurate Flow Technology positive displacement (PD) flow meters. With a reputation for high resolution outputs, they can be used in conjunction with metering pumps to provide precise, automated or semi-automated control in ratio blending and other low flow batch applications.

DCF Sanitary Series Positive Displacement Flow Meter is for liquid flow applications in the dairy, food and pharma industries.


The Flow Technology Decathlon series of positive displacement meters has been specifically designed for metering high viscosity fluids. Its unique impeller design ensures maximum reliability and durability.

High pressure positive displacement flowmeter


The BL Series of high pressure positive displacement meters is ideal for precision dispensing fluids at extremely high pressure. This flow meter has a maximum operating pressure of 15,000 psi.

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