Subsea Valve Actuation

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Measuring the flow of hydraulic fluid used in subsea control pods requires the utmost level of instrumentation performance. The control pods supply hydraulic fluid which activates valves at well heads on the ocean floor. In this process, large surges of hydraulic fluid against very low flow rates can result in abrupt and rapidly changing flow conditions

Rendering of a subsea environment where Flow Technology flowmeters are used.

Subsea Flow Measurement

Petroleum producers rely on Flow Technology’s subsea turbine flow meters in such challenging hydraulic applications. Their exceptional performance provides a precise baseline “footprint” to monitor the performance of hydraulic circuits, as well as an accurate total flow reading to verify valve position.

Additionally, their wide dynamic range ensures adequate sensitivity to identify leaks, while allowing measurement of the top flow rate during actuation of the device. By delivering high resolution flow measurement data, Flow Technology turbines enable early detection of valve related problems. This eliminates the need to raise well head equipment to the surface in the event of failure, and minimizes the potential for spilling hydraulic fluid into the environment

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