Flow Technology Becoming Prime Supplier In Aviation

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Flow Technology has long been recognized as a key provider of flow measurement equipment for government and/or defense-related applications. The company developed flowmetering devices used in evaluating some of the earliest missiles and drones at classified military test ranges. Today, Flow Technology is increasing its market share in a different section of the aerospace industry: business and general aviation. Small aircraft manufacturer’s, suppliers of related systems, and individual aircraft owners are utilizing precision FTI flow measurement instruments in a wide range of ground support, flight test, and permanent flight installations.

Flow Technology is on its way towards becoming a prime supplier of high accuracy flowmeters and electronics for the small aircraft market, said aerospace marketing manager Mike McCoy. We have seen our business grow outside of the traditional defense/military market in recent years. Many of our aerospace applications involve fuel management systems for turbo-prop and smaller jet engine aircraft. Flow Technology’s fuel flow transducers deliver accurate, instantaneous fuel flow rate and consumption data. Paired with cockpit displays from leading manufacturers, they provide easy installation and high reliability. The meters are constructed entirely of stainless steel and do not require any special enclosures to meet fire resistance requirements.

In addition, Flow Technology’s turbine flowmeters can be installed in any orientation and are able to withstand pressures to 3,000 psi and beyond. Models are available for almost any size aircraft, with flow rates as low as 1 PPH or as high as 100,000 PPH.

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