Flow Technology Introduces Model SLF–500 Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter

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TEMPE, Ariz., – Flow Technology, Inc. (FTI), a leading manufacturer of precision flow measurement instruments, systems and calibrators, today announced the release of Model SLF-500 Ultrasonic Liquid flow meter. The first in a new series of accurate, reliable and cost-effective flow measurement instruments, the SLF-500 is a clamp-on ultrasonic meter capable of measuring bi-directional flow through metal, plastic and even lined pipes without altering the piping. The SLF-500 was designed with the latest solid-state technology, providing the major economic benefit of many years of uninterrupted service. The meter has no moving parts–reducing its cost of ownership and eliminating common maintenance requirements–and does not intrude into the process line.

The SLF-500 employs digital signal processing (DSP) techniques for outstanding accuracy and repeatability (±0.2%). This advanced ultrasonic flow measuring device has no pressure drop and provides fast speed-of-response. The same unit can be used on line sizes from 1 to 12 inches without recalibration, and covers a wide range of flow rates. Typical applications for the SLF-500 include corrosive chemicals in the process industry, DI water and chemicals in the semiconductor market, fluids in the sanitary industry, or any installation when it is preferable not to have an instrument exposed to the process fluid.

Installation and set up of the SLF-500 flow meter is fast and easy. Integral to the display unit, the set-up software leads the installer through a series of questions related to pipe material and size, display configuration and desired outputs. This makes the initial installation/reconfiguration for different applications a straightforward process. The sensors are provided with a robust mounting fixture allowing adjustment of the sensor mounting position for optimum performance. Sensor separation distance is determined and displayed on the SLF-500 during the initial system set up. For more information, call 1-800-356-9328.

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